Thursday, November 25, 2010

Loan without interest for the poorest family

 Mr. Pheng Dy's family need help. They want to make sugar palm but they lack some materials to make the sugar.
What they need is the palm juice containers. So they would like to ask us some money to buy them.

On November 23, 2010. Mr. Bunna, one of the Volunteer Group, went there to see what difficulty they are. They are absolutely poor. They live in their relative land. They want to make an income for their family.
So we decided to lend them $50 without interest( to see the picture click here) but they have to give us back in one year. ( we have the contraction with them )

The Volunteer Group is going to inspect this family for the whole year to make sure they use that money in the right way and can make their family better.

If you would like to help this family or know more about them please contact our volunteer group.
Or contact : Mr. Bunna
                   General Group Leader
                   Tel: (855) 92 839 936

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ms. Denise donated solar lights

We are thankful to Ms.Denise that donated nine solar lights to the poor families in Kompong Speur Province

 Mr. Saoly and Miss. Minea, who are the member of Vulanteer Group, went there with those gifts to them. The poor people there are please and appreciate her so much that she helped them to reduce their difficulties.
(9 solar lights was sent from Ms. Denise. Longbeach, USA)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teenagers Need Knowledge

They are children of villagers who live in Prey Tachey Village, Kompong Speu Province. There is no doubt that they are overjoyed to attend class. Unfortunately, they have no school to study. They are studying under the house of a villager instead of classroom. This is an English class that is supported by PIP organization. In this English program, teachers come from PIP organization to train English language to those children. Students come to English class depend on the present of teachers. Even though it is difficult for them, they never give up their English class. Because studying is very important for their future life and they can also help developing their own family, their peer, and their community in the future.

At the same time, they are not only lack of classroom but also study equipments such as books, pens, pencils, textbooks, dictionaries, bags and so on.

If you wish to help these children, please contact our Volunteer Group.
We would appreciated your help.

Parents Live Away from Daughter

This family is very sympathy that father and mother live far away from a 4 years old daughter. Grandmother is in charge of looking after small granddaughter at home alone. This is because the father of little daughter is a low ranking soldier, who he has to fulfill the obligation to protect Cambodian territory integrity at the Preah Vihear Temple, Cambodia- Thailand frontier. Whereas the girl's mother has emigrated to other places to find jobs as construction worker, maid, and so on. She earns very small amount of money and she sends some money home for feeding her mother and daughter.

If you feel sympathize their family, please donate some money to assist them. You can contact our Volunteer Group .

We would appreciated your help.

Life of Widow Seuon Norn

Living day by day in the ruin cottage in Prey Tachey Village, Ms.Seuon Norn, 50, who her husband passed away many years ago. She lives with very harsh situation, since her left leg had broken born. Ms. Norn lives with her daughter 15 years old. They both are living from hand to mouth and earn very less money to support their daily lives. Furthermore, her daughter is a student at the secondary school in the village. She studies in grade 7 and she helps her mother earning money after school. She really wants to finish at least high school.

As you can see, this is the interior of Ms. Norn's cottage.

If you wish to contribute to her family, please contact our Volunteer Group. We would appreciated your help.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is one of the poorest families in Prey Tachey Village, Kompong Speu Province.

Mrs. Soeun Noeun, 42, widow, has 3 children.
The oldest girl, who is 20 years old, works at the garment factory in the City.
Two boys live with their mother in the country side.They are difficult go to school because it is far from their house. We believe that if they still live in this condition, they will soon quit their studying.

This family relies on the oldest daughter who works at the factory. As we know salaries for garment workers in Cambodia are so low even thought supporting themselves for living are still difficult. So how can they live?

Think about this family if you would like to help them with what you can please contact our Volunteer Group. Your gift is value for them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is a poorest family at Ra village, Trach Torng Commun, Ordong District, KomPong Speur Province.

Mrs. Chey Mean and kids at her house.They need our help.
She has four children, the oldest boy, 16, quited his studying and go to work with his father in order to feed their family. He and his father can only get work when their neighbors need.

They live on someone's land, and this house some body else helped them to build it. Now it is difficult for them because rain falls a lot, and they sometime get wet.
Every year they borrow loan from their neighbor to feed their living and at the end of the year when they harvest, which rice field they share with the owners rice field, they pay their debt back to the loan giver. So if some day when one of their members gets sick the problems will come.
We are glade that Dr. Phirum bought a bicycle to this family. It is so useful for this family.

By the way we just found out that her husband has a skill with hair cut but they cannot manage to buy the equipment.

We are please that Ms. Denise donated Hair Cut Equipment to this family in order to let them find their own income. Mr. Meng and Mr. Bunna, who are the members of Vulanteer Group went there to give the gift.      
We are inspecting this family for a whole year to make sure they can make their income by themself and have better living .