Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is a poorest family at Ra village, Trach Torng Commun, Ordong District, KomPong Speur Province.

Mrs. Chey Mean and kids at her house.They need our help.
She has four children, the oldest boy, 16, quited his studying and go to work with his father in order to feed their family. He and his father can only get work when their neighbors need.

They live on someone's land, and this house some body else helped them to build it. Now it is difficult for them because rain falls a lot, and they sometime get wet.
Every year they borrow loan from their neighbor to feed their living and at the end of the year when they harvest, which rice field they share with the owners rice field, they pay their debt back to the loan giver. So if some day when one of their members gets sick the problems will come.
We are glade that Dr. Phirum bought a bicycle to this family. It is so useful for this family.

By the way we just found out that her husband has a skill with hair cut but they cannot manage to buy the equipment.

We are please that Ms. Denise donated Hair Cut Equipment to this family in order to let them find their own income. Mr. Meng and Mr. Bunna, who are the members of Vulanteer Group went there to give the gift.      
We are inspecting this family for a whole year to make sure they can make their income by themself and have better living .

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  1. This family was given a bike and some clothes.