Thursday, November 25, 2010

Loan without interest for the poorest family

 Mr. Pheng Dy's family need help. They want to make sugar palm but they lack some materials to make the sugar.
What they need is the palm juice containers. So they would like to ask us some money to buy them.

On November 23, 2010. Mr. Bunna, one of the Volunteer Group, went there to see what difficulty they are. They are absolutely poor. They live in their relative land. They want to make an income for their family.
So we decided to lend them $50 without interest( to see the picture click here) but they have to give us back in one year. ( we have the contraction with them )

The Volunteer Group is going to inspect this family for the whole year to make sure they use that money in the right way and can make their family better.

If you would like to help this family or know more about them please contact our volunteer group.
Or contact : Mr. Bunna
                   General Group Leader
                   Tel: (855) 92 839 936

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