Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is one of the poorest families in Prey Tachey Village, Kompong Speu Province.

Mrs. Soeun Noeun, 42, widow, has 3 children.
The oldest girl, who is 20 years old, works at the garment factory in the City.
Two boys live with their mother in the country side.They are difficult go to school because it is far from their house. We believe that if they still live in this condition, they will soon quit their studying.

This family relies on the oldest daughter who works at the factory. As we know salaries for garment workers in Cambodia are so low even thought supporting themselves for living are still difficult. So how can they live?

Think about this family if you would like to help them with what you can please contact our Volunteer Group. Your gift is value for them.

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